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The golden age of our viticulture began by the revival of wine-growing, which was done by the Habsburgs in the area of Herzegovina. Aware of the treasure they found in this rubble area, they started with the production immediately. The first wine station was positioned exactly where we grow our grapes today, in Gnojnice near Mostar, and was established in 1886. After numerous analyses, their educated people made selection and decided it was necessary to give absolute precedence to the local, autochthonous assortment.

Studies carried out have shown that the best varieties in Europe, and even some oriental ones, were not as quality and drinkable as Žilavka and Blatina. That’s why the trained people directed their strength to the production of the best quality wines from this region. The Vienna Hofburg started with the production of those miraculous drinks ‘füreigeneBedürfnisse’, so the people named wine station ‘Imperial vineyards’. Žilavka was declared the world’s famous wine and won all the awards at wine fairs in Vienna, Barcelona, London and Paris.

Carski vinogradi Mostar istorija Vinarija Carski vinogradi Mostar
Highlights from numerous documents preserved in the archives of Vienna

During those years, Herzegovnian winemakers received even twenty-two gold medals, some of which were awarded to them by Emperor Franz Joseph, the Belgian King Leopold and Queen Victoria...

Vinarija Carski vinogradi istorija
Highlights from numerous documents preserved in the archives of Vienna

Golden years when people from all over the world heard about Žilavka and Blatina were 1929 and 1937. In 1929, they won the most prestigious wine award called ’Medaille de platte’, and in 1937, our winemakers returned from Paris as proud owners of a medal "Grand prix".

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